The Adventures of Sally finalist at CHINH Festival

The Adventures of Sally has been selected in the CHINH India Kids Film Festival of New Delhi, in the pre-school category, obtaining a very good feedback for the quality of its contents, the visual language and the narrative structure.
 Sally and the Egg (first episode of the first season) has been mentioned by various jury members in pre-school jury segment as a very good film; the children advisory board of the festival has recommended it for a special jury prize in preschool section.
 Sally and the Egg was also included in special screenings at India Habitat Centre of New Delhi.

CHINH’s mission is to prioritize the children audience and create a media space for kids: it promotes quality children programs and generates awareness about new genres, innovations and formats linking education with culture and development issues among children. In CHINH India Kids Film Festival, children’s opinion matters and they compose the jury, deciding the winners.

WATCH THE CLIP with the children of the jury commenting The Adventures of Sally at CHINH India Kids Film Festival.