and the Egg

A new fantastic adventure is just around the corner for Sally and her friends: a mysterious giant egg has appeared in the Farm yard...

and the Voilà Cake

Grace is leaving the Farm to go to France, to work as a cook in the famous Pâtisserie Chez Gaston: how will Sally, Andrea and Thomas do without her?

and the Mandarin Goose

The storm is almost over, but the Farm is upside down! Luckily Mandarin Goose is arriving to help the animals of the Farm, with a suitcase full of surprises...

and the Talking Objects

Wow! It's market day at the Farm!
At Sir Lawrence's stand, Sally has found a magic music box which hides a secret...

and the Missing Water

There's no more water at the Farm! Luckily, thanks to Enchantress Owl's help, Sally and friends will find a solution... But beware of Faina, she's preparing a new plan!

and the Piggy Bank

Great news! The Tundra Musicians have arrived at the Farm! Sally has a fantastic idea to make a present to all the puppies of the County...

New episodes from first season will be online soon! Stay tuned!