Shows & Labs

The Adventures of Sally is also a series of theatre shows and labs inspired to the Tv series. The Adventure of Sally Show has been touring Italy since 2011: an involving and exciting performance, which features the values and the lessons of the project and stimulates the participation of the young public.
The offer is composed by several typologies of shows and laboratories, in which Sally and the friends of the Farm play, learn and have fun together with kids, teachers and parents.

The Adventures of Sally Show

A show between theatre and cinema, in which the protagonists of the Tv series perform live the stories of the Farm. New friends and a lot of mysteriuous and magic objects, with an amazing set design and massive scenic elements. The show has been held in different contexts (theatrical and non-theatrical) and is characterised by high adaptability and flexibility. 

cinema + theatre version  Download the description of the show (in Italian) >>
theatre version  Download the description of the show (in Italian) >>

Cook and Learn with Sally

A performed laboratory about food education, respect for the environment and culture of healthy food. Sally will go through basic concepts, such as the importance of fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet, and will cook a delicious recipe from Grace's Cook Book, with the help of kids.

The Piggy Bank of the Farm

An innovative laboratory for kids and parents which focuses on the values of saving and solidarity, accompanied by the friends of the Farm! Through play
and storytelling, kids get a better understanding of important concepts such as cost-benefit analysis, saving, exchange and barter, interacting with each other.

Download the description of the lab (in Italian) >>

Recycle and create with Mandarin Goose

An innovative laboratory for kids and parents to create and recycle, using imagination and creative-thinking!
A laboratory to learn and experiment, together with Mandarin Goose, new ways to reuse materials and objects with a creative approach, in an educational path on the values of recycling and natural resources awareness.

Download the description of the lab (in Italian) >>