Sally and the Voilà Cake

The sun had just risen above the Farm.
It was a sunny morning, a special one, full of surprises.
Sally was sleeping blissfully on her bed of hay,
while some rays of sunshine were enlightening her face,
warming it like a tender hug...
When, all of a sudden, she was woken up
by some voices coming from the yard...

Sally found Grace running happily in the yard. She had just received a letter from Chez Gaston, the biggest chef of France, who had been impressed by her delicious cakes. Gaston was asking the hen to work in his pâtisserie in Paris. This was a unique opportunity for Grace, an unmissable chance! How will Sally manage to do without her best friend? Maybe, if she learnt to make makes too, she could open a bakery with Grace...

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✔ Entrepreneurship
✔ Personal ambition
✔ Awareness of your own skills and limitations
✔ Friendship
✔ Family
✔ Team-working


✔ Sometimes achieving personal ambitions involves making difficult choices, leading you far from the people you love; but a friend is a friend, no matter the distance.
✔ Everyone has his or her personal talents, skills and limitations.