Sally and the Talking Objects

The sun had just risen above the Farm.
That morning there was something special in the air,
it was rich with joy…
Sally was sleeping blissfully in her bed of hay,
when, all of a sudden, voices from out in the yard
woke her up…

It was market day!
Grace had woken up in good time to look for fresh ingredients for her cakes, whereas Thomas and Andrea were spending their time at the honey stand.
Sally, on the other hand, had stopped at the stand of forgotten objects of Sir Lawrence, admiring a music box. Whilst she was enchanted, looking at the dancing ballerina, Sir Lawrence told her that all objects have a magic inside: the stories of the people they have met…
The four friends rushed away, looking for all the forgotten objects of the Farm in order to gather them under the tree in the yard: “We could listen to their stories and maybe we will be able to use them again!” – they thought. In fact, that night…

Watch the demo!


✔ Re-using
✔ Recycling
✔  The gift
✔  The memory of the past


✔ Objects incorporate an history, a memory of the past.
✔ You can re-use and recycle old objects and waste, giving you own contribution to environmental sustainability.