Sally and the Piggy Bank

The sun had just risen above the Farm.
That morning, there was something special in the air…
Sally was sleeping blissfully on her bed of hay,
caressed by the notes of a gentle music
coming from out in the yard…

Suddenly, however, Sally was awakened by the snare drum of the Tundra Musicians, that were announcing their concert at the Puppies Theatre. A unique event!
Sally and her friends thought it would have been wonderful if all the animals of the Farm could join in! The four friends decided then to gather their own savings to give the concert ticket as a present to all the animals from the close farms.
Sally, whilst counting the coins saved in her piggy bank, fell asleep and made a dream in which…

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✔ Solidarity
✔ Saving
✔ The gift


✔ You can use money for a bunch of things, for yourself, for your friends and other people.
✔ Using you money to make a gift can make someone happy; putting  your and your friends money together can make happiness even bigger.