Sally and the Missing Water

The sun was rising splendidly over the farm.
Sally was sleeping blissfully on her bed of hay,
she couldn’t possibly imagine what was about to happen.
It was to be a very special day, one she would have never forget…

Surprises never end and the Farm!
That morning Sally was awakened by Grace knocking at her window.
She was very worried: there wasn’t water anymore! Andrea informed his friends that the lack of water had been caused by some works in progress at the dam. To get it back, they had to handsomely pay a private company.
Combing through the maps of the County, Andrea found out that a river was flowing underneath the Farm. Grace advised to ask the Enchantress Owl, in order to have some help to find a point where to dig a well and have water for everyone.
But suddenly Faina…

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✔ Natural and economic resources
✔ Public goods
✔ The strength of the group


✔ Some goods belongs to everyone and this makes them public goods.
✔ Working in a group leads to better results than doing things on your own.