Sally and the Mandarin Goose

The wind was still blowing over the Farm,
but it seemed that the storm was over.
Sally was hiding next to her bed, huddled under
her checkered blanket. She was frightened and worried,
her thoughts went immediately to Grace and her friends:
were they alright? She gathered her courage, came out
of hiding and went to look for them…

Sally, Thomas, Andrea and Grace were all fine, but the Farm was partially destroyed.
So they rolled up their sleeves and, in a short time, everything was as good as new.
They were tired and satisfied after such a hard work, when an unexpected host arrived at the Farm. It was the Mandarin Goose, one of Grace’s cousins who had come to visit her from the Far East, with a little suitcase full of surprises…

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✔ The other
✔ Diversity
✔ Happiness
✔ Confidence
✔ Cooperation


✔ You can learn a lot from people of different countries and culture, getting to know new interesting habits and ways to approach everyday life and problems:
the more you learn,
the more you grow up.
✔ Cooperation is a way to obtain better results, for everyone.