Sally and the Egg

The sun had just risen above the Farm.
Sally was sleeping blissfully on her bed of hay.
She was dreaming about waking up early that morning,
with a sense of positive energy, feeling cheerful
and confident. She knew it would have been a special day,
full of surprises... When, suddenly, a noise coming
from the Farm's yard woke her up…

Sally sprang up and ran out of her house:
an enormous egg had appeared from nowhere, right in the middle of the Farm.
Sally, all scared, ran over to call Grace, her best friend.
The most exciting adventure in her life was about to begin!

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✔ Confidence
✔ Team-working
✔ Determination
✔ Taking care of others


✔ It is important to have dreams and ambitions and to be committed to achieve them.
✔ Friends can often help you in finding solutions to problem and you can learn a lot from them.