Educational content

The Adventures of Sally is focused on the fundamental values of society and living together. The format introduces in the language and experiences of children key concepts, such as team-working, confidence, responsibility, solidarity, entrepreneurship, saving, honesty and helps them to consider their needs in a connection with the needs of others. The series helps to develop imagination and creativity: in each episode the characters struggle with finding solutions to a problem, mixing ingenuity with creative thinking, risk-taking and consideration of new ideas.
Sally and his friends consider the group as the best way to solve problems and situations: each one of them have different skills and talents, and this difference is what makes the strength of the group.
Each episode emphasizes a set of values, teaching positive lessons without leaving aside fun and adventure.
The Adventures of Sally creates a complete picture of everyday life situations and experiences, helping kids to identify with characters and with their needs, wishes, qualities and flaws.

Educational activities

The Adventures of Sally is a format that can be enjoyed by kids and their families together. The series suggests some playful and cultural activities, such as cooking and dancing, that allow families to share some playful and creative moments together.
These shared experiences can help keep create and reinforce the parents-children tie and confidence in the first years of kids, when every day represents for them – just as it happens for Sally and his friends – a new amazing adventure, discovering the world around them.