Direction Notes

The Adventures of Sally is a live action format for Tv, based on an innovative and patented linguistic structure, ideated for a pre-school target and experimented on a group of kids from 2 to 7 years old.

The first season is composed of 13 episodes of 13 minutes.

The format is structured on several narrative levels: the VoiceOver, the live action of actors – who perform live on a pre-recorded audio track – and a Tv language based on 15 filming points that develop 30 defined shots, which compose the visual narration. Both the voice over and the pre-recorded dialogues are performed by some of the best voices of Italian Theatre and Dubbing: this operation will be repeated in every country where the format is distributed, choosing each time the most suggestive and evocative voices.
Actors’ gestures and expressiveness emphasize the educational values present in the story and stimulate kids’ imagination, helping them to develop their social skills.
The Adventures of Sally has been conceived as a ‘live animation’, with real actors and real setting.

Thanks to this defined narrative and filming structure, The Adventures of Sally has a powerful impact on kids: they enter a ‘safe’ world, where repetition and linguistic codes make them feel home every time. The Farm of Sally has always the same setting, the same shots and the same five main characters: given this, in each episode there is a new character and a new magical or mysterious object, creating a new adventure on a fixed background.

The Adventures of Sally is filmed as a live performance, in which actors can perfectly repeat their part. This structure has allowed the Tv format to become a traveling live show, where children enjoy the live performance taking place just before their eyes and – at the same time – watch the Tv version on big monitors, perfectly synchronized.