Sally is the main character of the series. She’s a little pig with plenty of energy and confidence in the future. She's the life and soul of the group, she’s curious, instinctive and resourceful...


Grace is Sally’s best friend. She’s a charming and stylish hen. She’s a very good cook, with a special talent for cakes and sweets: this is one of the reasons why she is much cherished at the Farm!


Thomas is the guard dog of the Farm. He’s a skilled wood worker, he’s good and generous but also a little dotty. He is convinced that he’s strong and brave, but in fact he’s a chicken...


Andrea is a fox, and – as all foxes do – he believes he’s very smart though he often lets himself be cheated. Suspicious of novelties, he criticizes every new activity proposed by Sally and Grace...


Faina is a marten and is the most dreaded animal at the Farm. She’s wicked and very clever: helped by the faithful Picchio, she always thinks up new plans to deceive and cheat Sally and her friends...


Picchio – a woodpecker – is the most loyal friend of Faina. He always helps her in her tricks and misdeeds… They make a perfect couple, though sometimes a little clumsy!

Mandarin Goose

Mandarin Goose is brilliant at the arts of tea-making and oriental dance. She is a little clumsy, but she always does her best to make sure that everyone at the Farm is alright.

Enchantress Owl

Enchantress Owl descends from a dynasty of Russian fairies. She is a great expert of the art of magic potions, and Grace often turns to her for advice.