The Adventures of Sally

The Adventures of Sally is a Tv series for kids, set in a Farm with the main character Sally, a lovely little pig, and her group of friends.
There’s Grace, Sally’s best friend, an elegant hen, passionate about cooking and fashion. Thomas, the guard dog, a bit clumsy but loyal and generous. Lastly, there’s Andrea, a slightly conceited and snobby fox. Every day a new adventure, new friends to meet, new magic objects and new stories to tell. But beware, Faina – a sly marten – is lying in wait…

The series helps children to develop their social skills. Each episode storyline emphasizes essential values such as honesty, responsibility, friendship, cooperation, self esteem, respect for feelings and property, and more. The Adventures of Sally also addresses the importance of issues like saving, recycling, taking care of others, the value of natural resources and entrepreneurship.

Join Sally and friends and explore the marvels of everyday life in the Farm!

The Adventures of Sally
2011 Italy
first season | 13 episodes of 13 minutes
target group | boys and girls 2-7 years
genre | live action
story | Domenico Ciolfi, Jader Giraldi, Roberto Pagliara
direction | Domenico Ciolfi
production | Mr.Arkadin Film, Zeranta Edutainment
executive production | Jader Giraldi

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